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History & Timeline

Introduction of Lean Manufacturing Concepts

Celebration of 90th Anniversary 2014 Introduction of Spirit Centred Leadership

International Safety Award

International Safety Award with Merit from the British Safety Council (for the year 2014, Certificate dated 25-Apr-2014)

Oasis Brand Ambassadors, Olympic Athletes

  • Njisane Phillip – 22-Mar-2012
  • Andrew Lewis – 20-Mar-2012
  • George Bovell III – 17-Jun-2014

Partnership with Alimentos Maravilla

Opening of manufacturing plant in Bangalore, India

Acquisition of TJC

Co-Operative Citrus Growers’ Association (CCGA)

SMJ acquired Trinidad Fruit Juice range of brands from Co-Operative Citrus Growers’ Associations (CCGA). For over 75 years these brands are renowned household names for premium citrus juice products in Trinidad & Tobago and around the world.

Fruta Juice Drink Launched in Treta Pak

Fruta was launched in 250 ml Tetra Pak packaging in five (5) exotic flavours. This was an ideal package for kids’ lunch bag.

Oasis Premium Bottled Water

Oasis premium bottled water was launched. This was the first bottled water produced by SMJ, using a seven (7) step purification system.

Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Abdul Aleem and Partners started operations to bottle and distribute Chubby in Damam, Saudia Arabia, and for export to other Middle Eastern Countries.

Fruta Kool Kidz Juice Drinks

The Fruta Kool Kidz brand was launched in Tetra Pak packaging in a 200ml pack, which focussed on or which focussed on offering a delicious and healthy range of juice drinks to kid between the ages of 4 and 11 years old.

Red Spot relaunched

Red Spot re-launched to commemorate 75 th Anniversary.

Haiti Beverages 

Joint venture between SMJ and Culligan in Haiti for distribution of Busta, Chubby and Fruta.

Chubby in Canada

SMJ Signs a franchise agreement with Cott Corporation for Chubby.

Chubby in Brazil

SMJ Signs a franchise agreement with Cott Corporation for Chubby.

Exporter of the Year Award

SMJ cops five (5) Prime Minister Exporter of the Year awards in Trinidad & Tobago, including largest exporter in the non-petroleum sector.

Distributing Pepsi

Joint venture in distribution of drinks in Trinidad with Amar’s Jamar.

United Kingdom

SMJ Beverages UK Limited was incorporated for the distribution of SMJ’s brand in UK.

Caribbean Cool Drinks

SMJ moved to conquer a new market in a new country: Caribbean Cool drinks were launched in the United Kingdom, comprising Combinations of rich, exotic and tropical flavours.



SMJ pioneers PET technology. Changing market conditions and consumer needs indicated a need for an economy container that would realize savings and yet offer drinks was introduced under the name Jaliter.

Pear-D launches

Launch of Pear-D in cans, which was positioned as the flagship of the Cole Cold brand. Additionally, in this year SMJ was awarded the 7-UP franchise for Trinidad & Tobago.

Company’s founder dies

Sadly, in this year Sheik Mohammed Jaleel, the company’s founder, died.

Mr. Shaffikool Mohammed.

SMJ was sold to family member Mr. Shaffikool Mohammed.

Joe Luis Punch

SMJ was sold to family member Mr. Shaffikool Mohammed.

Jaleel Beverages

S.M. Jaleel’s factory moved to Sheikh Mohammed Jaleel’s home at 7 Prince Alfred Street in San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago. The first product was launched, “Jaleel Beverages” and was distributed using traditional horses and carts.

Sponsorship of Caribbean Premier League (CPL) cricket 2013-15

Opening of manufacturing plant in Durban, South Africa

enter manufacturing of milk and juice concentrates from fruit

Maaeee Water

SMJ Asia Limited was formed in India, producing and distributing the Maaee brand of water.

Fruta Juice Drink – 1L

Also in this year the Fruta 1L range was developed in order to cater to the take-home market segment.

Tampico Drinks

SMJ was awarded the license to produce Tampico juice drinks in the English-speaking Caribbean region.

Turbo Energy Drinks

In 2009 SMJ entered the energy drink market with Turbo Energy Drink, an exotic blend of ingredients: Energy booster, Caffeine, Vitamins, and Gingseng. Other key ingredients include Glucuronolactone and Guarana.

South Africa

SMJ distributes Chubby in South Africa

Oasis Water – IBWA Certified

Fruta Juice Drink in PET

Fruta juice drinks were launched in plastic bottles using hot-fill technology. SMJ was the first manufacturer in the English-speaking Caribbean to use this technology.

Caribbean Cool Drink in PET

The Caribbean Cool drink range was re-launched in plastic bottles using hot-fill technology. SMJ was the first manufacturer in the English-speaking Caribbean to use this technology.

SMJ Beverages St. Lucia Ltd.

SMJ’s plant was opened in Vieux Fort, St. Lucia, producing carbonated soft drinks in PET bottles. The Chubby and Busta brands were bottled in St. Lucia to supply islands in the Organization of the Eastern Caribbean, Dominica, St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Grenada, St. Kitts and Antigua.

Viva Flavoured Sparkling Water

Innovation Award 

Join venture between SMJ and Empresa Brasileria de Distribuicao Ltda for distribution of Chubby in Brazil.

Franchise agreement with Mundet S.A de CV for Chubby in Mexico.

Subsidiary in Barbados

SMJ and Goddard Enterprise formed a joint venture to buy BIM Beverages in Barbados. The Busta and Chubby brands were bottled in Barbados by SMJ Beverages Barbados.

Busta Soft Drinks

Launch of Busta soft drink range in PET bottles in a fun and colourful rainbow of flavours. A flavour for everyone!

Subsidiary in Guyana

Chubby Soft Drinks

The launch of SMJ’s flagship brand Chubby, a carbonated range of soft drinks targeted to children 4 to 9 years old in a special patented PET package with a range bubbly, colourful flavours.

Market shares jump..

SMJ’s market share jumped from 1 percent to 30 percent in 18 months!

Cadbury Schweppes

SMJ was awarded the Cadbury-Schweppes franchise for the manufacture and distribution of Schweppes soft drink products throughout the Caribbean Market.

Capri Sun

SMJ was appointed Caribbean Franchise Holders for Capri Sun in 1L PET packaging.

Fruta Juice Drinks

Launch of the Fruta range of the juices in cans. Today, Fruta remains in the top 3 most popular juice brands in the English-speaking Caribbean region.

Cole Cold

Launch of the Cole Cold range of soft drinks in cans.


Dr. Aleem Mohammed took the position of Chairman and CEO S.M. Jaleel & Co. Ltd. Today, Dr. Mohammed retains the position of Chairman. This year was also significant as S.M. Jaleel’s factory moved into The Otaheite Industrial Estate in South Trinidad, and this remains the headquarters of the Company.

Dixi Cola

The “Dixie Cola” brand was launched.

Red Spot

The renowned “Red Spot” brand was developed. Automated lines were introduced, and there were 10 trucks in the company’s fleet. Also in this year, SMJ’s factory was commissioned in Grenada.

Where We Began

S.M. Jaleel was founded by Sheikh Mohammed Jaleel, and was located at the corner of Keate and Prince Alfred Streets in San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago with twenty five (25) member staff.