We’re thrilled to have sponsored the 32nd Annual District Games hosted by the Rotary Club of Port of Spain!

At SM Jaleel, we take pride in championing sportsmanship and fostering community spirit, and this occasion has effectively achieved this by attracting over 800 athletes and students from 80 Primary Schools.

Throughout the day, thousands of children, students, parents, teachers, and staff come together to support and participate in the Rotary Games. At SM Jaleel, we’re honored to have been a part of such an impactful event that promotes health and wellbeing among kids.

As advocates for active and healthy lifestyles, we’re committed to supporting initiatives like the Rotary Games that encourage kids to stay active, engage in sports, and foster lifelong habits of wellness.

Congratulations to all the participants and thank you to the Rotary Club of Port of Spain for organizing such a fantastic event! #RotaryGames #SMJaleel #PromotingWellness #CommunitySpirit